BBMP Project (Innovative Public Private partnership)
  • First 10TPD installation of a total of 50TPD project in Koramangala ward in Bangalore
  • Operational since July2018
  • Project won with Bangalore’s Municipal authority BBMP(via competitive tender)
Coorg, Karnataka
  • A consulting engagement with a large Indian conglomerate to manage their 50 ton plant in Coorg
  • CM is working to commercialize the bio-CNG and Organic Fertilizer Plant using press mud and coffee waste as the feedstock
Indore, Madhya Pradesh(In collaboration with Mahindra Waste to Energy Solutions)
  • 20 TPD plant in Indore, Madhya Pradesh
  • CM is responsible for sales and marketing of the gas
  • Gas is generated from market waste and is being sold to buses, autos and kitchens
Large scale Plant – Malur, Karnataka, India
  • Set-up in collaboration with Mahindra& Mahindra
  • Plant capacity – 40 TPD waste input/1000kgs of Carbonlites bio-CNG/day & 5 TPD Carbonlites organic manure
  • Operational since June 2017
10 TPD plant Doddaballapur, India
  • Set-up in June,2014
  • Plant capacity – 10 TPD (tons per day)
  • Currently the destination for waste disposal for over several IT parks in Bangalore
Carbonlites-In-A-Box ISKCON, Bangalore, India
  • Box installed in August, 2016
  • Capacity – 1 TPD
  • Produces 50 kg of Carbonlites Bio-CNG per day and displaces equivalent LPG
  • Produces 100 kg of Carbonlites Organic Fertilizer per day
Carbonlites-In-A-Box University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore, India
  • Project in collaboration with the Govt. of India
  • Box installed in Hassan, Karnataka, India
  • Capacity – 300 kg/day
  • Will be used to generate power using a biogas-¬‐based power generator
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