Carbonlites @ Harohalli

Sustainable Impacts - A Joint Venture Solution to Enable The Circular Economy

Sustainable Impacts is a joint venture between two Bangalore based start ups; Carbon Masters and Hasiru Dala Innovations, climate tech and waste management experts, to combine forces and deliver successful circular economy solutions in Harohalli, Karnataka.

SI has launched the first of many bio CNG plants in Harohalli, Karnataka which can process upto 30 tonnes of wet waste per day to produce Carbonlites bio-CNG and organic fertiliser.


Wet waste & garden waste processing


Of Co2e & methane saved / year through GHG mitigation


Of Co2e saved / year through LPG displacement

This solution acts as a suitable destination for bulk waste generators in Bangalore like apartment complexes, hotels/restaurants, supermarkets, who are looking to process their wet waste efficiently and sustainably. Join the climate movement, (carbon) neutralise your communities & businesses.

Carbonlites @ Siddipet

The Making of a Circular Economy City

Carbon Masters in association with Siddipet Municipal Authority have implemented Telangana's first waste to bio CNG and organic fertiliser plant at Siddipet, Telangana.

The biogas plant has a processing capacity of 25 tonnes of waste per day which will be converted into bottled bio CNG and organic fertiliser. The project is an on site, integrated set of solutions, for the sustainable management of wet waste.


Wet waste & garden waste processing


Of Co2e & methane saved / year through GHG mitigation


Of Co2e saved / year through LPG displacement

This solution is ideal for cities and states across India looking to adopt circular economy principles and solutions to convert their wet "waste" into useful products that can address the issues of climate, soil health as well as improving the local environment.

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Carbonlites bio CNG @ Namakkal

Carbon Neutral Tamil Nadu

Carbon Masters has signed an exclusive agreement with the lOT/IOCL Biogas plant, based at Namakkal that produces bottled bio-CNG from agricultural wastes.

Under this agreement we provide businesses in (Salem /Erode/ Namakkal/Karur) with our Carbonlites bio-CNG.

This is a lower cost, lower carbon alternative to LPG for commercial cooking and heating.


Of Co2e saved / year through LPG displacement

This solution is suitable for any restaurants, hotels and industries in Salem, Erode, Namakkal & Karur using LPG for cooking and heating purposes, looking to shift to a carbon neutral alternative.

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Carbonlites in a box @ Koramangala

Climate Mitigation in a Box

The Koramangala 'Carbonlites In A Box' project (a PPP) features a fully functioning biogas plant housed inside a refurbished shipping container. It was set up in partnership with BBMP, the Residents Welfare Association of Koramangala and Carbon Masters. This project was instrumental in illustrating unique, decentralised climate tech solutions set up within the city, that have now been recognised globally through the 'Better Together' Award.


Wet waste processing


Of Co2e & methane saved / year through GHG mitigation


Of Co2e saved / year through LPG displacement

This solution is ideal for organisations, colleges/universities, small communities like apartment complexes & IT parks looking for an onsite solution to process their wet waste, while having a cost or space constraint. Compact, portable and fully customisable, the Carbonlites in a box is an excellent way for communities to do their bit towards climate action.

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