bio CNG and organic fertilisers by Carbon Masters.

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Carbon Masters is a climate tech company , established first in the UK in 2009 and then in India in 2012. Through Carbonlites, our mission is to reduce carbon emissions by replacing fossil fuels consumption with innovative, clean energy, low carbon solutions & products.

We have pioneered the conversion of food and agri-wastes to produce two climate-friendly products, sold and marketed under the brand name Carbonlites.

Carbonlites Bio-Enriched Organic Manure and Carbonlites Bio-CNG, both mitigate carbon emissions and reduce the risks of climate change.

With the unprecedented rise in fossil fuel prices across the country and the world only a decade away from avoiding the worst consequences of climate change, there is now an even greater NEED for low carbon solutions.

Carbonlites has proven applications in both energy and agriculture, two of the largest GHG emitting sectors in the country at 68.7% and 19.6%.

It can displace LPG/ diesel in cooking, heating and transport, and energy intensive chemical fertilisers in agriculture/horticulture.

Meet the Team

United by a single cause and a commitment to mitigate the climate crisis.
Here’s the team that makes it happen!

Kevin Houston

Co Founder


Som Narayan

Co Founder


Pradeep Kumar

Gas Sales and Operations Manager


Madhurima Prasad

Marketing and Business Development Manager


Eshwar Gupta

Project Engineer


Shubham Joshi

Manager, Special Projects


Vinitha Radhakrishnan

Accounts Manager


Subramanya CP

Product Supply, Lead


Nagesh Sutar

Product Supply, Fertiliser


Abhishek D A

Plant Manager


Pankaj Patidar

Plant Manager

Where we are

Carbonlites is currently reducing carbon emissions across three Indian states!

Write to us to bring Carbonlites to your city!

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