Carbonlites Climate-Conscious Organic Fertilizer

Fostering Regenerative Agriculture

Carbonlites Bio-Enriched Organic Fertilizer

Carbonlites Bio-Enriched Organic Fertilizer is IMO and FCO certified and fully organic. Packed with macro and micro nutrients, our fertiliser provides Indian soils with the much needed organic carbon.

Made by mixing the nutrient-rich anaerobic digestate with biomass and other organic material, the fertiliser is further enriched with a biofertiliser consortia, proven to improve soil health & quality of yield.

  • High organic carbon!
  • Beneficial for soil health and in accordance with the principles of regenerative agriculture
  • Improves yield over time and reduces incidence of pests
Who can use Carbonlites bio enriched organic fertiliser?

Ideal for agriculture/horticulture farmers and home/terrace gardeners.

Carbonlites has shown excellent results with crops like tomato, capsicum, coconut, arecant, mango, beans and more!

5 kgs
40 kgs
Bulk, unpacked

Carbonlites Bio Enriched organic fertiliser available across South India!

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Carbonlites Liquid Organic Fertiliser

Carbonlites liquid organic fertiliser is a nutrient solution, rich in naturally occurring macro and micro nutrients, highly beneficial in improving soil health. Suitable for all crops and shows best results when used during land preparation.

  • Fully organic!
  • Promotes healthy growth and development of plants
Who can use Carbonlites liquid organic fertiliser?

Ideal for agriculture and horticulture farmers

5000 lts

Carbonlites liquid organic fertiliser is available across Southern Karnataka.

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