Get recognized for doing the right thing in tackling climate change Carbonlites

We operate a carbon emission reduction and certification programme called the Carbon Masters Standard (India) which is designed to both recognise & reward those organisations that are doing the right thing in tackling climate change.

Achieving certification is a means of visibly demonstrating your organisation’s achievements to stakeholders and customers and showing your commitment to ongoing action.

In this way, we recognise organisations achieving the Standard as doing the right thing in tackling climate change.

What are the benefits?
  • Demonstrates commitment to running your organisation in a sustainable manner and reducing carbon emissions year on year
  • Enhances your brand or organisations reputation, locally, with suppliers, employees and customers
  • Helps you gain recognition for the work you have done to date to improve energy efficiency
  • Shows real leadership in moving towards the low-carbon economy
  • The recognition provides you with a competitive advantage over other companies in your sector
  • Helps you reduce your energy costs and ensure that you are regulatory compliant
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