Fertilizer products
Leverages the power of science to improve yield

The indiscriminate use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides,and the lackof addition of organic material is making Indian soils less healthy and leading to flat to declining crop yields. At Carbon Masters we aim to help farmers address those issues by providing g a range of organic fertilisersthat provide the nutrients necessary to restore soils to a healthy condition.

Carbonlites Bio- enriched Organic Manure provides soils with much needed carbon, macro and micro nutrients which improve the soil health and fertility. It is 100% organic. It is made by mixing the nutrient-rich anaerobic digestate with biomass and other organic material to enhance the carbon content. This isfurther enrichedwith a bio-fertiliser which further improves yields. It is fully FCO certified and comes in 40kg and 5 kg bags.

Carbonlites Organic Nutrient solution contains naturally occurring macro and micro nutrients. It provides growth hormones and flowering enhancers which are easily absorbed by the plant. All Carbonlites products reduce CO2 emissions by displacing energy intensive chemical fertilizers.

The products are sold to farmers by our dealer network through India.

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