Carbon mitigation in a box

Many communities and organisations in Bangalore and other Indian cities, such as IT parks, apartment blocks, temples, colleges and large manufacturing sites generate large quantities of food waste on a daily basis. This waste has to be disposed of as often as it is produced.

For most of these organisations, space and cost constraints prohibit them from building a conventional biogas plant. Carbon Masters has now developed an innovative solution for that problem. We call it Carbonlites-In-A-Box.

This is a fully functioning biogas plant housed inside refurbished shipping containers.

It’s completely customizable and can process organic waste streams from 500kgs to 5 tons and produce up to 250kgs of Carbonlites (equivalent to its weight in LPG) per day. It could also produce 10,000 litres of liquid fertilizer. It does all this in just a one-third of the space occupied by a conventional biogas plant.

Its carbon mitigation in a box - by not sending organic waste to landfills, it avoids methane emissions; by processing waste on-site, it avoids diesel emissions from pick-up trucks; and by producing Carbonlites bio-CNG, it displaces LPG, further reducing emissions. It also saves rising pick-up charges and LPG costs.

The box can be purchased outright at a price that provides an attractive rate of return.Details for plant capacity up to 2 tons are given below. Contact us for more information.

Plant capacity (tons per day)
0.5 1 1.5 2
LPG equivalent gas/day (kg) 25 50 75 100
Simple payback period (years) 2.2 1.3 0.9 0.9
Tons of CO2e emission reduced per year 118.6 237.3 355.9 474.5
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