Carbonlites Bio-CNG
Carbon mitigation in a bottle

Carbonlites is renewable natural gas that burns longer and stronger than alternatives such as LPG. Carbonlites Cylinders are India’s first branded, bottled Bio-CNG. Carbonlites Cylinders can be used as alternatives to LPG for cooking purposes. We have developed bespoke infrastructure eg.piping, unique cascades with 2-4 cylinders, pressure reducing systems, and burners that can make the changeover from LPG to Carbonlites both safe and simple to do. Our users report total in-use cost savings of 8 - 10% after switching over to Carbonlites. What’s more, unlike LPG, it’s also 100% carbon-neutral in use!

This product is ideal for anyone with bulk LPG usage such as commercial kitchens, hotelsetc.

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