What we do

We’ve developed a unique circular economy solution that converts wet waste into bio-CNG and organic fertilisers. Our products are low carbon and climate friendly!

Solutions that solve the climate crisis, above and below the ground.

Our Impact

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CO2e emissions reduced

0 tonnes +

Wet waste diverted
from landfills

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LPG displaced

Captures methane emissions from landfills

12% of all methane emissions come from landfills.

By processing wet waste and diverting it from landfills, we are able to save 9075 tonnes of co2e/year.

Reduces dependence on fossil fuels

India imports 80% of its oil, 50% of its gas, and 33% of its chemical fertiliser.

We provide sustainable alternatives through Carbonlites bio CNG & organic fertiliser.

Improves soil health

Soil organic carbon in Indian soils is at 0.3%, reducing soil health & impacting crop yields.

We make organic fertilizers that are affordable, enriched, and an excellent source of organic carbon.


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